Reporter Will Carless of USA Today wrote an article blaming conservative rhetoric for the shooting at the LGBTQIA Club Q in Colorado Springs, a blatant example of mainstream media bias.

The FACTS of the shooting run contrary to the biased reporting of Mr. Carless. Yet, The Daily Oklahoman placed the Carless’ careless fact-checked article on the front page of last Sunday’s newspaper.

Club Q was hosting a “drag show,” where men dress up as women and sing and dance when the shooting occurred.

The shooter who came to Club Q during the drag show is a self-declared “non-binary” person. That means he self-identifies as neither male nor female but both male AND female.

I know of no conservative Christian or Constitutionalist who holds to non-binary status. The shooter aimed at his people.

Careless Reporting

The shooter’s attorneys in court filings have demanded the shooter be called “they” and “them.”

It seems this deranged LGBTQIA shooter has a father in the porn business and an absent mother. He entered Club Q, a club he attended, and tragically shot his people.

The shooter’s self-declared non-binary status runs contrary to the mainstream media’s desired narrative. Some, possibly even Mr. Careless, are now saying,  “The shooter is only SELF-DECLARING non-binary status to escape hate crime charges.”

Newsflash: All attempts to change Nature’s fixed decree of male/female identity are self-declarations. Those of us who hold to the plumbline of truth – a Creator and Natural Law that the Creator – will tell you that any male who declares himself female or non-binary is mentally, emotionally, or spiritually challenged and is lying about his identity.

In Nature, two cows don’t copulate to create a calf.

Truth is fixed.

We Pay for NEWS-papers, Not Propaganda

So, Mr. Careless, USA Today, and The Oklahoman, if you wish to promote an agenda that gender is a matter of self-declaration, you can’t “pick and choose” which self-declaration you choose to believe.

In this day of media bias and agenda, every single American should question what we read in mainstream newspapers. The U.S. Constitution gives every law-abiding U.S. citizen the right to bear arms. However, in their attempt to change the Constitution and remove the 2nd Amendment, the media must lie and say conservatives must be blamed for the Club Q shooting.

Such blatant bias is unwelcome. We pay for NEWS-papers, not propaganda papers.