Istoria Ministries hosts women’s Bible study at the Istoria Ministries building (801 S Van Buren) every Tuesday morning.

My wife, Rachelle Burleson, co-leads the study with Hebrew scholar Dr. David Darnell, and I. Jean Bundy is our prayer coordinator. She has encouraged the ladies to turn the Scriptures we’ve been studying into personal prayers, and we open with prayer every Friday before we begin.

Our study is from the scroll of Isaiah. Last Friday, our study was from Isaiah 15 and 16. Rachelle led us in prayer

Rachelle’s prayer is based on Isaiah 12. You can read the prayer in her handwriting (below).

There’s something very special about a child of God praying the sacred Scriptures to the LORD. Rachelle’s prayer is an example to us all.

I give thanks to You, today, YHWH

for though at one time I was separated from You by my sin,

Your judgment has been turned away from me by

The sacrifice of Your Son.

Your anger has turned to compassion- You comfort me.

El, You are the One true God – You are my salvation!

I will trust You and not be afraid.

For You are my strength and my song.

Yes, You have become my salvation.

So with joy, I draw upon Your grace as one draws

water from a well, grateful for Your salvation &

deliverance from my sin; and I will rest in Your favor.

I will say to all —

“Give thanks to YHWH & cry out to Him.

Talk about His marvelous works.”

I will tell people that YHWH is the Creator & Sovereign

over all, “Let my heart sing about you, YHWH, for You have

Done amazing things and I want You to be known.”

So I will rejoice & give thanks, for You, the Holy One of Israel

My Savior, you are doing a great work.