The personal name of the Creator God is YHWH.

In the Hebrew Scriptures, the name of God is spelled with four letters – יהוה – transliterated into English as YHWH.

In your English translation of the Bible, every time you see the English word LORD in all capital letters or the word GOD in all capital letters, those words translate God’s Hebrew personal name YHWH.

LORD is not a “title” in the English Bible. it is a name.

In the ancient Hebrew language, there are no vowels, only consonants.

YHWH is the unpronounceable name (all consonants) for God. To breathe His name in your speech is to make the sound of breathing. Inhale, exhale. The inspiration of breath and the expiration of breath is the pronunciation of your Creator’s name. The name of God is the sound of your breathing.

Let everything that has breath praise YHWH.” – Psalm 150:6

I encourage you to take time daily to BREATHE DEEPLY and think of your relationship with the LORD.

God gave you life, and you are returning to Him.

Let every breath you take remind you of the One who gives you breath.

Breathe deeply and thank Him.