President Biden tweeted out his statement on The Transgender Day of Visibility:

“I want every member of the trans community to know that we see you. You’re each made in the image of God, and deserve love, dignity, and respect. You make America stronger, and we’re with you.”

Please know, my LGBTQ+ friends, that I agree with President Biden on one point.

You are made in the image of God. 

We belong to the same family. God is our Father. You are my brothers and sisters. 


Yet, without humility and repentance, your sin against our Creator will lead to your eternal destruction and our society’s collapse.


Our Father calls you to…


A Transgender Day of Humility


Continued pride and arrogance against our Creator, acting as if having sexual intercourse with people of the same sex is natural and God-ordained, will be your downfall unless you repent.

What you do behind closed doors is your business. I will not seek to step between you and God in the privacy of your home.

But the arrogance and pride of acting as if a same-sex sexual relationship is “of God” and demanding that the culture accept it is natural is a violation of Natural Law. It is my  “line in the sand.”

I can – and will – accept you as my brother and sister, a unique creation of God.

But our culture must acknowledge that your lust for same-sex sexual activity violates the Laws of Nature and the ordinances of Nature’s God. If your behavior were to be normalized, it would be an existential threat to our civilization.

“No farmer has ever seen two cows copulate to create a calf.”

Same-sex copulation is against the Laws of Nature.

Again, what you do in the privacy of your bedroom is between you and your Creator.

But we who believe in the United States Constitution, the Laws of Nature, and Nature’s God, all call you to a day of humility, not visibility.

Stay in the closet.

The people of this nation must return to the bedrock principles of the Constitution and the Laws of Nature.

Our future as a nation, a people, and a culture, depends on proud sinners finding their day of humility.