“Even a young man is known by his actions.” (Proverbs 20:11)

The David DePape Home (Photo: David G. McIntyre, The New York Post)

Paul Pelosi, the 82-year-old husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, was brutally attacked while staying at his San Francisco home.

The attacker, a 42-year-old Canadian named David DePape, is being held in the San Francisco County Jail without bail.

The courts ought to prosecute DePape to the fullest extent of the law.

My prayers are with the Pelosi family. Speaker Pelosi sent an email to her colleagues that quoted from the prophet Isaiah:

“Do not fear. The LORD is with you.”

Amen. The LORD is with the Pelosi family, as are our prayers. We pray for Paul Pelosi’s full recovery.

Paul Pelosi did not invite this break-in and physical attack. No 82-year-old man desires to be beaten with a hammer.

If I were a member of the Pelosi family, I would be furious with anyone who suggested Paul Pelosi had something to do with the attack. Paul Pelosi is a victim.

On the other hand, don’t be duped by the media and others about the attacker David DePape and his motive.

David DePape is not a conservative with cherished conservative beliefs.

David DePape is a socialist. He is a Marxist activist. More than likely, David DePape had funding and help for the attack on Paul Pelosi. I am calling David DePape’s attack on Mr. Pelosi a false flag. It is a provocation intended to rile Americans against conservatives before an election.

If true, the Paul Pelosi attack is far more sinister, darker, and more organized than anyone can imagine.


The Advantage of Knowing the History and How World War II Started


World War II started with a false flag operation.

On the evening of August 31, 1939, a seven-man elite German SS team stormed a German radio station on the border with Poland. These National Socialist German Worker Party (NAZI) soldiers dressed as Polish insurgents. They attacked the German people in the radio station, pushed back the German staff, seized a microphone, and announced in Polish:

“Attention! This is Gliwice. The broadcasting station is now in Polish hands.”

To deceive the media and the public about the false flag operation, the S.S. team brought a German farmer. They had also dressed the farmer as a Polish insurgent, drugged him till he was unconscious, then shot him in the head after arriving at the radio station. The S.S. left the dead man’s body on the outside steps of the radio station as “proof” that Polish insurgents had attacked the German motherland.

The German farmer that the S.S. troops shot in the head was  Franciszek Honiok. He was a lonely, unmarried German farmer, with no surviving family or friends. The S.S. officers murdered the 42-year-old Honiok for “a greater cause.”  

That is the essence of a false flag operation. The world did not know that Nazi soldiers had attacked the German Gliwice radio station until 1945, months after World War II had ended. The German officer in charge of the Gliwice false flag operation testified in court how Hitler staged the attack for public opinion purposes.

Using the “Polish attack on a German radio station” as his excuse, Adolph Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, commencing World War II.


David DePape and the Set-Up for the Paul Pelosi Provocation


There are FIVE LOGICAL REASONS the attack on Paul Pelosi was a false flag operation and that David DePape had help:

  1. David DePape lived at a house (or in a bus) with other nudists that proudy flew Black Lives Matter flags, an LGBTQ flag, a California-Berkely “Stop the Hate” sign, and a host of other leftist rallying flags and signs.  As one who knows conservative people well, I can promise you that no conservative “right-wing” activist would live in such a place. The neighbors who described David DePape and the other nudists who lived in the house gave a description of Marxists, not conservatives. The neighbor  (Trish) said David DePape was part of a “hippy collective” unlike “any other happy-go-lucky, peace, love and friendship hippies. They are aggressive and mean and they start problems for no reason.” 

  2.  David DePape posted “online right-wing rants” on a blog site that was established in August 2022, just six weeks ago (think dead German farmer). In October 2022, David DePape wrote 100 blog posts – an average of 3 per day – according to the Washington Post, spewing nonsensical support for “conservative conspiracy theories.” Those “writings” have now been removed, but not before The Washington Post and The New York Times “verified” them as dark conspiracies of “the far right.”

  3. David DePape and his live-in nudist lover Gypsy Taub are members of the Rainbow Gathering.   Rainbow activists believe the world should be free from consumerismcapitalism, and cultural corporate hierarchynot your average conservative talking points.

  4. David DePape allowed Paul Pelosi to call the police and then attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer after the police had arrived. The police found on David DePage’s possession a “list of other liberal politicians” that DePape allegedly wished to attack. False flags are known for their intentional placement of “evidence” (think dead body on steps of the radio station).

  5. David DePape has become the “provocation” for main-stream media, leftists, and others in expressing their anger over conservatives and conservative values, marching to the mantra “vote them out of office.” That, in essence, is the definition of a successful false flag. It is a dramatic and deceptive act to make a massive move within a populace.

The Paul Pelosi Provocation required some organization, planning, and funding. The Gliwice Provocation of 1939 was not discovered to be a deceptive and brutal attack on innocent Germans by German soldiers for years.

Citizens of the United States may not know the full deception of what occurred in the Paul Pelosi Provocation of 2022 for years. But investigators should concentrate on four things:

  1. David DePape’s bank account and any abnormal deposits.

  2. The “backdoor data” of the new DePape blogsite (August 2022) contained the rantings: a). IP addresses that used it, b). Names of people authorized to write using it, c. other information attached to the website.

  3. The security at Pelosi’s house on the night of the attack. The provocation would not be nearly as successful if the intruder were caught before he attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer. It was essential for those who organized the provocation that DePape enter without being noticed.

  4. David DePape’s security. Being in jail – without bail –  keeps DePape quiet for the time being. The greater concern would be any attempt to permanently silence David Depape (think Jack Ruby) before he has the opportunity to turn on others.

I don’t expect I will convince liberal activists that this attack on an innocent Paul Pelosi was an intentional provocation. But conservative activists, I hope to convince you to be kind to the Pelosi family, realizing they had nothing to do with the attack.

I’m asking you to see them as the German radio operators at Gliwice in 1939. They are victims of the radical Marxist takeover of the United States.

Don’t be duped. Think critically. Think logically. And pray for the recovery of Paul Pelosi and the restoration of our country. I am hopeful that there will be a future unveiling of all those involved in the Paul Pelosi Provocation.

The Marxist Revolution is real. And the people of the United States are the targets.