“And all the people SAW the SOUND” (Exodus 20:18)

הַשֹּׁפָ֔ר ק֣וֹל רֹאִ֨ים הָעָם֩

When God delivered the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt, and the Hebrews came to Mt. Sinai, the LORD met them there.

Exodus 20:18 says, “And all the people SAW the SOUND.”

Typically, we say people HEAR SOUND. But the Hebrews SAW the SOUND.

A few verses later, in Exodus 20:19, the LORD says: “You have SEEN that I have talked with you.”




Leonardo DaVinci, Galileo Galilei, and Robert Hooke (The Royal Academy of Science) all experimented with SEEING sound using light and water.

What they discovered in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries served as the foundation for what scientists in the 21st century are discovery about SEEING someone speak or sing.

Cymatics, a word coined in the 1970s, is the technical word for SEEING sound.

To understand CYMATICS better, watch this short video.






Modern science portrays the universe as vibrating strings that form different styles of (music) producing the symphony of the universe.

Humans see the sounds of God’s creative music in Creation. 

Scientists describe matter as the substance produced by sub-atomic particles (e.g., quartz, electrons, etc…)  that vibrate on tiny strings.

Theoretical physicists call this String Theory.

The universe exists as a symphony of vibrating strings.

Physics is the harmony of a vibrating string. Chemistry is the synthesis of vibrating strings.

String Theory has 26 dimensions of time and space. These unseen 26 dimensions are mathematical necessities to allow sub-atomic strings to vibrate for the matter we see to exist.

In short, the universe is Les Miserable in the unseen realm.

YHWH is the Conductor.

We SEE God speaking. We SEE God singing (Zephaniah 3:17).


The Temple of YHWH


Light and water are the two significant substances of the Temple of YHWH that are not intrinsic to the materials of gold, silver, bronze, copper, and wood used in its construction.

When the LORD met Moses on Sinai, He gave Moses a specific design for His dwelling place. The Hebrews called the ancient dwelling place of YHWH the Tabernacle (c. 1450 to 1000 BC). God’s people carefully folded and carried this tent as they traversed the Promised Land, and when they stopped, they set the Tabernacle up, offered the ritual worship prescribed, and camped around it.

Solomon built a Temple for YH in Jerusalem (971 BC), giving God’s dwelling place stability, utility, and beauty.





A MENORAH of light, a continuously burning ALTAR of fire, and the MOON and STARS in the open courtyard provided the LIGHT.





A massive BRASS LAVER, full of water and called “the Molten Sea,” dominated the southeast corner of the Temple courtyard. Ten additional large BRASS WATER BASINS were strategically placed around the Temple.

The Temple of YHWH sat on Zion, the highest mountain in Jerusalem, and looked like a massive throne. Two tall, hollow brass pillars, Jachin and Boaz, sat at the entrance to the Temple.

The names Jachin and Boaz combine to mean:

The LORD strengthens within.

The Hebrews SAW the LORD speak at the Temple.

The Temple was His instrument.


YHWH and 26


The name of God is YHWH in the Hebrew language.

YHWH is pronounced like the sound you make when breathing. Let everything that has breath, praise YHWH” (Psalm 150:6).

In Hebrew, individual LETTERS double as NUMBERS.

Adding the numbers corresponding to YHWH (10 plus 5 plus 6 plus 5), you get 26 as the number for YHWH.

There are 26 dimensions of space and time to account for the 26 subatomic strings of music in the Bosonic String Theory.

The Hebrew Scriptures devote over fifty chapters in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Kings, and Chronicles to the design and function of the Tabernacle and Temple.

Could it be that the Temple’s careful and intentional design is due to YHWH’s desire for His people to SEE Him SPEAK?

With its specific design and measurements, the TEMPLE OF YHWH could be the BRIDGE between the unseen realm of eternal purpose and the seen realm of matter and history.




Newton’s Drawing of the Temple of YHWH in his Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms


Isaac Newton (1642-1727) made the Temple of YHWH his life’s study.

Newton believed that the Temple contained the key or portal to an understanding of God’s purpose for the universe, God’s orderly design of Nature, and most importantly, God’s plans for mankind.

Newton believed the Temple contained The Mathematical Theory of Everything. He emphasized the geometric design and sacred cubit in Temple with proportions of Pi and 1.6666∞ throughout.

Understanding the Temple is to see life and this universe as instruments designed by the Creator to SEE His beauty when He speaks.

The universe is YHWH’S. The universal rules for the universe are His rules.

When YHWH spoke to His people in ancient times, they SAW HIM SPEAKING.

The fire on Sinai and the Temple, the water at the mountain’s base, and the Brass of Sea reflected the Creator’s eternal (time) purposes for His creation.

In other words, it could be the Temple of YHWH was designed as a cosmic musical instrument, similar to a stage, speakers, and Divine sound for the people of God to SEE the invisible God move.




Both science and the Bible speak of your existence as a symphony of music.

God is the Conductor. We are to follow His lead.

In the Parable of the Prodigal Son, a young man demands his inheritance before his father dies.

The father consents, and the son leaves for “a far country” far from his father. The son wastes his inheritance in this far land through prodigious (e.g., excessive, wasteful) living.

Finding himself without support, the son feeds pigs for a living. One day, he “comes to his senses” and realizes he would do better as a servant in his father’s house than continuing in the pig stye.

So the son sets out to see his father.

When the prodigal son arrives home to his father, the servants in the fields begin to hear music playing. They heard a sumphonos (symphony) of music (see Luke 15:25)

Jesus is the Great Conductor of your life, the Father of Creation, and the one who leads the vast orchestra of vibrating strings that compose your existence.

When you surrender your life to Jesus Christ and submit to His words, you’ll SEE the beautiful music playing.

You’ll SEE the singing God at work.