Ice Spice gives the Baphomet hand signal while Taylor Swift chugs a beer in one gulp.

During the Super Bowl LVIII broadcast, CBS showed rock singer Ice Spice and pop singer Taylor Swift several times in their Super Bowl LVIII suite.

I about fell out of my chair when I saw what Ice Spice and Taylor Swift did during one of those national spotlight camera pans.

  1. Taylor Swift chugged a beer in one gulp.
  2. Ice Spice gave Baphomet hand signals and exalted her upside-down cross.

I was especially shocked because:

  1. Both actions were coordinated (Notice Ice looking at the suite’s television monitor).
  2. Both actions were intended to be seen by a national television audience.

Watch a short video of Taylor Swift and Ice Spice doing this by clicking here.

My Experience with the Occult

I’m no prude. I have nothing against pop music or rock music.

I do have experience with occult members and crimes that involve the occult. I won’t go into details, but I was flown to NASA to consult with administrators and state officials before the capture and arrest of the Vampire Rapist, known as John Crutchley. Crutchely wasn’t a vampire. He was an occultist, a sadist, and a serial rapist – and murderer.

For years, I worked with a police task force investigating “crimes that involved the occult,” including child molestation and abuse.

Occult crime scenes typically have specific characteristics:

  1. Symbols that mock Christian symbols,
  2. The use of stolen or vandalized Christian artifacts,
  3. Unusual drawings; animal mutilations.
  4. Skulls with or without candles,
  5. Rooms draped in black, white, or red.
  6. Drawings and symbols of ancient occultism


The Baphomet Hand Signal


The Ice Spice hand signal is a symbol of the head of Baphomet. This statue is located at the Satanic Temple in Detroit, Michigan. Notice the children.

Most Americans have little understanding of what Ice Spice did with her hands and the exaltation of the upside-down cross around her neck.

What people do in private is their business; what people do on national television for our kids to see is our business.

You may think, “It wasn’t Taylor Swift who did those things; it was Ice Spice.”

Indeed, but Taylor Swift and Ice Spice are more than friends. They are music collaborators. In 2023, Ice Spice collaborated with Taylor Swift on the track Karma.

Karma (Chorus) ‘Cause Karma is my boyfriend, Karma is a god.

Ice Spice wrote and sang with Nicki Minaj the song Barbie World for Barbie fans.

Sigh. Why do occultists like children so much?

Parents, the hand signals by Ice Spice should be placed in the Ice Box. Freeze them out of your family. Those hand signals are intentional and not innocent. They have meaning and are malevolent.

I’ll explain the significance of the occult symbolism below, and you can decide,


Baphomet and the Occult


Baphomet is one of the oldest occult symbols in mankind’s history. The word occult (Latin: occultus) means “the knowledge of the hidden or secret.” Occult practices involve manipulating reality through a secret knowledge of controlling material things (e.g. civilized culture, Earth’s environment, and powerless people).

With a goat’s head and a man’s body, Baphomet is often confused with Satan. There is a subtle difference. Baphomet is the god of the occult. Satan is the god of the underworld. Baphomet is to Satan what Jesus is to God.

Baphomet worshipers directly challenge faith in a Creator God and His Divine law. (The 10 Commandments). I will summarize the Baphomet philosophy of life as this:

“Good is evil, and evil is good. Don’t let faith in things above you or around you control you. You can control the world with a special understanding of occultic hidden powers.”

Baphomet is the philosophical justification for “do as you desire” or “find your true self.”

Acceptance and normalization of the dark arts of the occult are only the beginning.

Ancient Symbolism:

  • The Baphomet head gesture resembles other ancient hand signs:
    • Hermes Trismegistus: The two fingers pointing up and two down signify “as above, so below.” Occultists drew inspiration from Hermes’ writings during the Renaissance and Reformation.
    • Renaissance Germany (15th and 16th centuries) saw an explosion of occult practices. The Baphomet hand sign emerged during this European period and became associated with occultism.
    • Satanism in America (20th and 21st century) adopted the Baphomet hand signal as a sign that the person giving it is devoted to the Dark Arts.

Rock musicians have long been rumored to “take a trip to the crossroads,” a euphemism for signing ‘an occult (dark arts) deal’ with Baphomet to become popular worldwide.

One court case involving alleged ritualistic abuse of a child in 1989.

Taylor Swift chugging an entire beer in almost one gulp is not the best action for an alleged teenage role model.

However, the real Taylor Swift Super Bowl suit is Swfit’s collaboration with another musician who may have “taken a trip to the crossroads.”

Sadly, Satan’s Swift steal may lead thousands of other girls to those same crossroads.

Don’t let that happen in your house.