Zerubbabel, the Hebrew Governor of Judah, was called Sheshbazzar by Persian King Cyrus.

Followers of Jesus will often ignore the Hebrew Scriptures to their detriment.

“All Scripture” is inspired by YHWH and “is profitable” for Christians.

Sheshbazzar is an obscure name from the scroll of Ezra, chapters 1 and 5.

Sheshbazzar is the Jewish man to whom King Cyrus of Persia entrusts the Temple vessels, silver and gold, and other Babylonian wealth. Cyrus freed the Jews and allowed them to return to Israel in 538 BC to rebuild YHWH’s Temple in Jerusalem, giving them the wealth of Babylon to assist in the rebuilding of Judah.

Sheshbazzar is the Jewish leader entrusted by Cyrus with the Babylonian treasures of wealth.

Baptist theologian and Hebrew scholar par-excellence John Gill and the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus believe that Sheshbazzar is the Babylonian name for Zerubbabel.

Like Daniel being renamed Belteshazzar in Babylon, Gill and Josephus believe Zerubbabel was named Sheshbazzar.

The name Sheshbazzar is used four times in Hebrew Scriptures, all in the scroll of Ezra (Ezra 1:8, 11; 5:14, 16).

Sheshbazzar, the name, meansJoy in tribulation.”

Sheshbazzar is me. Sheshbazzar should be you as well.

The greatest joys in life comes from the most severre tribulations.

Wine is only produced after crushing the grapes. 

Whether it is world conflicts, national collapses, or personal calamities, the joy of the LORD becomes brightest after the blackest darkness.

The LORD uses all things for your good and His glory.

The Jews were taken into brutal captivity in 586 BC by the wicked King Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon.

On October 13, 539 BC, Cyrus, King of Persia – called “My Messiah” by YHWH in the Hebrew Scriptures – conquered Babylon and ended the 70-year reign of the Babylonian Empire.

Cyrus commissions Sheshbazzar to be the governor of Judah. He sends him back to Jerusalem to oversee the rebuilding of the LORD’S Temple, the walls of Jerusalem, and the re-establishment of the Jews in their homeland.

Sheshbazzar “rejoiced in the tribulation” of the Jews during the Babylonian Captivity because he saw the good that would come from the calamity of captivity.

The people repented of their idolatrous worship of pagan gods and returned to YHWH.

The temporal luxuries of life were replaced with the eternal longings of YHWH’S Kingdom.

Returning to the land of Judah, the people of YHWH became a “set-apart, sanctified” people.

Call me Sheshbazzar.

The United States is amid an economic, cultural, and national collapse.

I rejoice!

The American people will soon return to God in a great revival of faith, hope, and love for the eternal Kingdom of Jesus Christ.