When I was in grade school, I went to a speech pathologist provided by the public school I attended. The word “pathology” comes to us from ancient Latin and means “the study of (ology) disease (pathos).”

As a child, I constantly confused the “W” sound with the “R” sound. I spent an hour a week with the speech pathologist,  changing the way I processed thoughts into speaking.  I learned, over time, to make the normal English “R” sound when I read the “R” letter and the “W” sound when I read aloud the “W” letter.

My speech as a child was abnormal. It was diseased. The speech pathologist helped to cure me of the abnormality. I’m grateful for the educators and professionals who called out my “diseased” (pathological) speech.

As an adult, I now speak for a living. It would have been horribly unprofitable and horrifically embarrassing for me to continue saying, “Watch Woger Wabbit” instead of “Watch Roger Rabbit.”

The last thing I needed when I was a child was a professional saying, “Don’t worry about your pathological speech, Wade! The world must learn to accept and affirm you as you are.”


According to UCLA’s Law School’s Williams Institute Report on “Conversion Therapy and LGBT Youth (January 1, 2018), medical and psychiatric professionals throughout the United States have long considered childhood confusion over one’s gender pathological. It was a mental, psychological, or emotional disease.

Like speech pathologists, medical professionals would use a range of therapies and techniques to treat young people in overcoming their abnormal thoughts about gender. Some of these treatments, called “conversion therapy,” included:

  1. Inducing nausea, vomiting, or paralysis by providing electric shock treatment when aroused by same-sex erotic images or thoughts.
  2. Using an elastic band wrapped around the patient’s wrist for the patient to “snap” against the flesh whenever the patent became aroused by same-sex erotic images or thoughts.
  3. Inducing a change in thought patterns by reframing desires, redirecting thoughts, or using hypnosis on the patient.

By this year (2022), half of our 50 states have banned conversion therapy, believing it to be “cruel and unusual” treatment for children who suffered from gender confusion.

Whether you agree or disagree with conversion therapy, what some medical professionals are now advocating is a thousand times worse.

And it’s now beginning to happen in Oklahoma.


An Oklahoma hospital is now facilitating, arranging, and advocating, in seeming violation of our state laws on healthy organ harvesting and the Hippocratic Oath every doctor must take, for the mutilation of a child’s body to affirm the pathological thoughts of a gender dysphoric child.

The Oklahoma Children’s Hospital recently announced the opening of the ROY G BIV Program for Sexuality and Gender Identity Issues at the hospital’s Adolescent Medical Center.

This new program will assist girls who struggle with gender dysphoria by facilitating the surgically mutilation of gender-confused girls’ bodies, carving flesh from their arms and legs to create fake penises, and implanting those fake penises over the girls’ surgically closed vaginas.

This process is supposed to be less intrusive than conversion therapy.

In addition, the ROY G BIV Program at OU Children’s Medical Center will facilatie the process of young males (ages 10 to 25), having their perfectly healthy penises removed, and then scarring the boys’ bodies by creating imaginary vaginas cut into the spaces vacated by the illegally harvested penile organs.

Again, this process is supposed to be less intrusive than conversion therapy.



The United Kingdom has ordered its gender-affirming clinic, Tavistock, to close by 2023.

Why? Because 1,000 families have filed lawsuits against the clinic and their surgeons.

There is no long-term scientific evidence that supports the mutilation of minors’ bodies to conform to their gender-confusing thoughts. Short-term studies show deep psychological and emotional damage to children who undergo such gender mutilation surgery.

The Hippocratic Oath includes the words, “First, do no harm…”

The mutilation and removal of healthy organs in children violate the Hippocratic Oath and the healthy organ harvesting laws of Oklahoma.

So, why is the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital suggesting they can faciliitate performing such ridiculous surgeries?


The love of money is the root of all evil” (I Timothy 6:10).


Roy is not a person.

Roy is an agenda.

ROY G BIV and millions of dollars are on the line through insurance proceeds, state egislatre’s redirecting mental health proceeds of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to OK Children’s, and a host  of Rainbow Coalition activist organizations funds to facilitate Oklahoma Children’s Hospital arranging and/or performing ender mutilation surgeries on children. The name ROY G. BIV encompasses  anonymous homosexual/lesbian/transgender activisism.

ROYGBIV is the acronym for the sequence of hues commonly described as making up a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

That’s right. The Rainbow.

In the fantasy world of cartoons, META, and Virtual Reality (VR), Roy G. Biv is the agenda that tells your children they should demand others affirm and accept whom they IDENTIFY as being, whether it’s a boy, a girl, a FurActivision, a cat, or an alien.

If you can dream it, you can be it.

That is, with the help of surgeons who will mutilate the human body.

So, in the make-believe world of our modern age, girls who identify as boys, and boys who identify as girls, are affirmed in their false reality by real doctors who violate their Hippocratic Oath and mutilate the body of the child under their knives.

Typically, an Oklahoma doctor would have values that would prevent this harmful practice.

But when millions of dollars are at stake through facilitating complicated, expensive surgeries on pathological children, then it seems Oklahoma Children’s Hospital will consider butchering the bodies of Oklahoma’s kids.

Bodies for dollars.


I have been on the phone most of the day with the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital.

Their phone number is 1-405-271-5437.

Their address is:

Oklahoma Children’s Hospital

Adolescent Medical Center

1200 Children’s Avenue

Suite 5F

OKC, Oklahoma 73104.

I have left messages with the Clinic Director, Human Resources, and some other faculty. I would like answers to three questions:

  • How MUCH money is OU Children’s budgeting for the services provided by the ROY G BIV Adolescent Medical Center, and is OU attempting to divert ARPA funds to facilitate child organ removal? 
  • WHEN did the ROY G BIV Center begin, and who in leadership at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital authorized the Center into existence?
  • WHAT AGREEMENT OR POLICY exists regarding surgeries or facilitating surgeries for minors who have pathogical gender issues, and where can a taxpayer find that agreement or policy?

Stay tuned.