Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon preached his last New Year’s message at the Metropolitan Tabernacle (London) on New Year’s Day, 1892.

He would die thirty days later.

“Let me tell you, in a few words, what I see as I look into the New Year,” he said to his congregation.

Mr. Spurgeon resolved “to see” and not “to be” as his final New Year resolution.

Most people decide to be (or to act) differently when a New Year dawns.

Not Spurgeon.

His vision was more important than his behavior.

Mr. Spurgeon resolved to see four things:



“I see a highway cast up by the foreknowledge and predestination of God. Nothing of the future is left to chance; nay, not the falling of a sparrow nor the losing of a hair is left to haphazard, but all life events are arranged and appointed. The Lord has ordained our path in his infallible wisdom and infinite love.”



“I see a Guide provided as our companion along the way. To Him we gladly say, ‘Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel.’ He is waiting to go with us through every portion of the road. ‘The Lord, He it is that doth go before thee; He will be with thee, he will not fail thee.’ We are not left to pass through life as though it were a lone wilderness. Jesus says, ‘I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.'”



“Beside the way and the Guide, I perceive very clearly, by the eye of faith, strength for the journey provided. There is a hospice on every pass over the Alps of life and a bridge across every river of trial which crosses our way to the Celestial City. Holy angels are as numerous to guard us as fallen ones to tempt us. We shall never see need which our gracious Father has furnished no supply.”



“This year we trust we shall see God glorified by us and in us. If we realize our chief end, we reach our highest enjoyment. It is the delight of the renewed heart to think that God can get glory out of such poor creatures as we are.”



“I resolve to see God’s sovereignty and rest in Him; to see God’s guidance and follow Him; to see God’s strength and rely on Him; and to see God’s glory and live for Him.”