Yesterday, NASA scientists and administrators issued a press release saying, “Something weird is happening in the universe.” 

With respect, everything is normal in the universe. Something weird is happening with NASA because their previous scientific presuppositions have been proven false.

For the first time, NASA telescopes can measure accurately the expansion speed of the universe. Think of universe like a balloon that your child is blowing up at a birthday party. The small thin piece of rubber expands as your child blows air into the balloon.

The universe, like the balloon, is expanding in all directions.

However, through NASA’s more accurate measurements, scientists have now discovered that as time passes, the rate of expansion for the universe grows faster. Science previously declared in science textbooks that the rate of expansion for the universe slows down to a crawl over time due to gravity and the laws of physics. 

To scientists, a rate of expansion for the universe that INCREASES IN SPEED over time is “weird.”

From a human perspective, they have a point. For example, when you throw a ball across your front yard, it will eventually decrease in speed and fall to the earth because of gravity. That’s what you would expect.

But imagine throwing your ball across your front yard – west to east – while living San Francisco, California, only to see the ball doesn’t slow down as it passes your yard and then your neighbor’s yard, but it speeds up – more and more – all the way to New York City and beyond. 

You’d go on Facebook and say, “something weird is happening.”

That’s the “weird” that is happening in our universe. The rate of expansion of the universe is increasing in speed over time, violating every known scientific law of physics.  The size of the incomprehensible universe will double in size far sooner than scientists ever dreamed possible.

Due to this new scientific discovery, I would like to challenge you to always remember or do THREE THINGS:

Science is never settled. When a person says, “Trust the science,” and censors you for questioning the science (think ‘vaccine’), then that person is more interested in control and conformity due to fear than he is true science. Science is never settled. 

The universe is not as old as once thought. Science has based the age of the earth on false presuppositions. Scientists wrongly have said, “Over billions and billions of years the universe has slowed its expansion.” In reality, the speed of the universe’s expansion is blistering faster and increasing in speed over time, far more than science can comprehend. That means, after the moment of Creation, things moved with blazing speed outward. All measurements of “the age of the earth,” based on false assumptions (Newtonian Physics) must now be questioned. The Creator knows what He’s doing. Yet, man deems “weird” what they can finally observe. Will science adjust their assumptions of the age of the universe based on these new discoveries? Man can’t even explain the laws of physics behind what they observe. They must call it New Physics. It’s new o them, not the Creator. This new discovery should again lead observers of Nature to faith in an Intelligent Designer. But our culture and society are in shambles precisely because people don’t want to believe that God exists, and that humans are answerable to Him on how we live our lives. Man wishes to believe that the Creator does not see, nor does He care. When your worldview is based on these lies, your days in this world are lived lawlessly.

Come to faith in your Creator. The life worth living is one that follows “The Laws of Nature” through faith in “Nature’s God.”

Yes, NASA, something weird is happening in our universe.

Humanity is beginning to understand that we are not God.

For us to survive as a species, we must return to faith in Him and live our lives according to His standards, not ours.