Yohanes Arwakon and Family

Many of you may not know the story of the Marshallese people. You may not know why the Marshallese number nearly 10,000 people in Enid, Oklahoma, making the Marshallese the largest ethnic group in northwestern Oklahoma.

The Marshallese live in predominately three places in the United States: Portland, Oregon; Springfield, Arkansas; and Enid, Oklahoma.

Enid has the largest number of Marshallese in terms of percentage of the total population for any city in the United States.

They are beautiful people. My dear friend, Yohanes Arwakon, a professional Community Developer from Indonesia, is ministering to the Marshallese in Enid.

If you do nothing else today, read YOHANES STORY and the HISTORY of the MARSHALLESE PEOPLE


Marshallese Young People and College Education

Sadly, most Marshallese young people often graduated from high school and do not further their education.

   Teaching the Marshallese to play basketball

There are many reasons for this, including cultural barriers, lack of scholarship opportunities, lack of financial support, and other serious hurdles that are very challenging for the Marshallese young people to clear.

Pastor Randal Hackwork, Pastor Yohanes Arwakon, and I want to help young Marshallese people get their college degrees.

Randal and I received an incredible tour of Mid-America Christian University this week. MACU has a heart for reaching young ethnic people who lack the advantages others enjoy.

We believe God can and will open the door for Enid to be a hub of college education for the Marshallese.

The President, Vice-President, and the Executive Director of Community Outreach for MACU will be coming to Enid soon to discuss our vision.


MACU and the MARSHALLESE – A Match Made in Heaven?

God is up to some great things in Enid, Oklahoma.

A satellite campus of MACU for the Marshallese in Enid might be one of those Kingdom things.