“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” —— I Thessalonians 5:18

Cicero once said, “Gratitude is the mother of all human feelings.”

The Apostle Paul, who lived a century after Cicero, told Jesus’ followers that “giving thanks in everything”—an intentional verbal expression of gratefulness to God no matter your circumstances—is God’s will for you.

Ironically, you can’t follow the biblical command to “be anxious for nothing” (Philippians 4:6) until you “give thanks in everything” (I Thessalonians 5:18)

The Brain and Gratefulness

Science has discovered anxiety and gratefulness are from the same area of the brain.

Since 2004, neuropsychological research has confirmed what the Apostle Paul told us about gratefulness two millennia ago (see Emmons & McCullough, 2004).

Anxiety and gratitude are created in the same area of the human brain and are exclusionary of each other. That means:

You can’t have anxiety when brain neurons are firing with gratitude.

When you choose to be grateful in the moment, you drive out anxiety over the moment.

Psychologists in 2024 are using this scientific truth of the brain to help addicts.

However, God gave you a solution for your anxiety centuries ago, and in love for you, He told you this was His will for your life.

Give thanks in everything to become anxious for nothing.

The Bible uses “nothing” and “everything” as absolute words.

Nothing means no thing. Everything means every thing.

  1. You are to express gratefulness to God in everything, no matter your circumstances.
  2. So that you can’t be anxious about anything, no matter your circumstances.

Ron Dunn used to say:

“Every maladjustment (dysfunction) in the Christian’s life comes from a lack of gratefulness to God for His ability to work everything for our ultimate good.”

If you are “stuck” in life, anxious, and worried, learn to “Let Go” by verbally thanking God for the moment and situation you find yourself in.

Let Go.


The Oklahoma Sooners, the Women’s Softball 2024 NCAA National Champions

Kelly Maxwell was the winning pitcher and Most Valuable Player for the 2024 Women’s Collegiate Softball National Champions, the Oklahoma Sooners.

Before reaching the national championship series, Coach Patty Gasso talked with Kelly before their important game with UCLA.

Patty, called “Natty Patty” for her 8 National Championships with the Oklahoma Sooners, is a devout follower of Jesus Christ.

Patty told her star pitcher that she was “too tight.” The pressure of being “the ace” on the OU pitching staff after transferring from Oklahoma State before the season began was causing Kelly anxiety. Kelly felt the pressure of attempting to win OU’s unprecedented fourth championship in a row, especially with all the social media criticism of her for transferring.

Coach Gasso said, “Let go. Give God thanks for the moment. Play free today.”

Kelly told the press about her talk with Coach Gasso after Kelly shut out UCLA to advance Oklahoma in the College World Series and an eventual national championship.

The season-long anxiety in Kelly Maxwell vanished by giving God thanks for the moment.

You win the race of life by being grateful to God for each moment.

Are You Giving Thanks to God In Everything?


I don’t know who is reading this post that needed this biblical encouragement, but please know I felt led to write by the Spirit.

I felt led to write it because I needed a reminder myself. Yesterday, I depended on a situational outcome that I felt would benefit me (and Rachelle).

What I wanted didn’t happen, and I became “anxious.”

Then, I remembered what I taught others and “preached the Good News” to myself.

  • God is in control of all things in my life.
  • He loves me more than I can ever imagine.
  • He promises to work “all things” for my good.
  • I then verbally “gave God thanks” for His love and goodness to me, and most importantly, I gave Him thanks for my situation (which was difficult).
  • I told Him that I was grateful to Him because I knew He had something better planned for us, and I would be patient and wait on Him.

Immediately, my anxiety disappeared.

I can’t explain fully how gratefulness replacing anxiety works, but as Vance Hafner used to say:

“I don’t know how electricity works, but I don’t sit in the dark until I do; I flip the switch.”



Go ahead.

Flip the switch.

Give Jesus thanks right now for your situation.

Watch your anxiety evaporate.