Forcing a nation to change its language and vocabulary becomes the means to deceive and manipulate the masses to move from a society characterized by individual liberty to a country of governmental tyranny.

In George Orwell’s 1984, language becomes the mind-control tool of evil forces. Their goal is to destroy the will and imagination of the individual by forcing conformity to a new way of speaking.

Orwell called it Newspeak. In Newspeak words no longer mean what they used to, and a refusal to comply with speaking the new language leads to punishment. Forced compliance to the country’s new language becomes the ultimate weapon of authoritarian and tyrannical leaders.

In short, liberty is turned into tyranny by forcibly controlling the language of the masses.

Control the communication, control the culture. Control the culture, control the Congress. Control the Congress, control the Constitution. Control the Constitution, control the currency. Control the currency, control the country. 

That is precisely why Wikipedia is so dangerous. Liberal activists are destroying the Republic of the United States by forcing a change to our language.

As a result, I have been banned as an editor of Wikipedia.

Sam Brinton, Assistant Secretary, US Department of Energy, Nuclear Waste

I had the audacity to use the pronoun “he” when I edited Sam Brinton’s page on Wikipedia. 

Until last week, Sam Brinton served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy. He was in charge of Nuclear Waste in the United States.

Joe Biden’s administration appointed him in the name of “equality.”

You may have never heard of Sam, so let me introduce him.


Get to Know Sam Brinton

  1. Sam is the son of Southern Baptist missionaries (who served while I was a trustee of the agency where the Brinton’s served).
  2. Sam has been accused of lying about past abuse by his parents by the very people (LGBTQ activists) he seeks to promote.
  3. Sam calls himself “gender fluid” and demands people (including his editor friends at Wikipedia) use “they” as the appropriate pronoun instead of “him.”
  4. Sam seeks to groom young people by encouraging them to “have fun” and have sex with anyone they can have sex with from both genders.
  5. Sam was charged with multiple felonies for stealing women’s luggage at airports.
  6. Sam was fired this past week from his position at the United States Department of Energy for his kleptomania.
  7. Sam was in charge of nuclear waste disposal for the United States of America.

This is Sam.

But this story is not about Sam, no matter how disturbed he may or may not be.

This story is about liberal activists controlling Wikipedia and forcing a language change in culture and Christians refusing to resist because they think it is “loving and kind” to go along with Newspeak.

A society of liberty becomes a hierarchy of tyranny when good people give in to the demands to change their language into something nonsensical, illogical, and confusing.


An Illustration of the Absurdity of Newspeak on Wikipedia

Sam Brinton’s story is told on Wikipedia. His story is told using “they and them” pronouns for Sam instead of “him and he” pronouns for Sam.

I refused to edit in such an absurd way and was banned for “vandalism.” I wouldn’t be as offended if they had banned me for wisdom, logic, and clarity, but no – it’s vandalism. In a country where “hate speech” becomes a crime, watch out for those who define speech.

Let me give you an illustration of how confusing and stupid the new speech (Newspeak) being demanded by LGBTQ activists is.

An LGBTQ writer and reporter doubted Sam’s “conversion therapy” story when he was a youth in his Southern Baptist missionary’s home. Sam publicly stated he was physically and emotionally abused through shock therapy and other torture in an attempt to “convert we” (his pronoun) out of his gender confusion.

The LGBTQ writer named Wayne Besen reached out to Sam and described what happened next:

I reached out to Brinton, and they were oddly inaccessible, communicating indirectly through intermediary LGBTQ activists in the Boston area, where they were attending MIT. The reason for Brinton’s scarcity had to do with two simple questions I had asked them: Who was your conversion therapist and in which facility did the therapy occur?”  – A quote from LGBQT writer/activist Wayne Besen in his article challenging Sam’s story of abuse called Too Good To Be True.

Below is an illustration of how I would edit Sam Brinton’s Wikipedia page: 

Writer Wayne Besen reached and to Sam Brinton and he was inaccessible, communicating with Besen indirectly through intermediary LGBTQ activists in the Boston area, where he was attending MIT. The reason for Brinton’s scarcity had to do with two simple questions that Wayne Besen had asked him. Who was your conversion therapist and in which facility did the therapy occur?”

Notice the difference between my writing and the LGBTQ activist’s writing?


Resist the Attempt to Change Your Language

I use the historically, biologically, and culturally ACCURATE English pronoun “he” and “him” for Sam Brinton. 

For using the proper biological pronoun “he” on Wikipedia in a recent edit, I am banned for a year as an editor of Wikipedia. Take another look at the photo at the top of this page. It is from the Wikipedia page of Sam Brinton. The yellow highlighted circle at the bottom of the snip points shows Sam’s page is “protected.”

Anonymous “behind-the-curtain” editors have taken control of Sam’s page and locked out other editors (like me) who don’t use appropriate language.

Take another look at Sam’s Wikipedia page of Sam Brinton and notice the yellow highlighted circle at the bottom. That is what people who edit Wikipedia see when they attempt to edit Sam’s page. Sam Brinton’s page is  “protected” from vandals (like me). Anonymous “behind-the-curtain” editors have taken control of Sam’s page and locked out other editors who don’t use appropriate language.

Wikipedia is supposed to be an “open source” encyclopedia. That means anyone with a Wikipedia account and HTML editing skills can add sourced facts or information to a Wikipedia page, edit that page, or correct misspellings and grammar.

However, Wikipedia is not open-sourced. It is controlled by liberal activists who seek to change the language of this country.

I have a friend named Matthew Lohmeier. He’s flying to Oklahoma next week to speak to a group of concerned Oklahomans at The Oklahoma History Center. Matthew, the first Commander of the United States Space Force, wrote Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest and the Unmaking of the American Military. President Joe Biden fired Matthew because of this erudite and prescient book.

Matthew Lohmeier reveals the undoing of the American military began with a “change in the language” within the instruction manuals of our military.

Marxists always make a change in standard, logical language the first move in bringing a country’s culture and government.

American citizens, I urge you not to succumb to the forced language change in our country. Newspeak must be resisted at all costs. Refusing to change our pronouns when we speak and write about other people is a low-cost, effective way to fight for our country from turning into Orwell’s 1984.

I’m praying for Sam Brinton. I will, however, never be a party to his and others’ attempts to force me to use the pronoun “they” when referring to him.

I love this country too much.