I dedicated this to Istoria supporter Rex Ray.

He has taught me more about the assassination of America’s 35th President than anyone else.

President JFK’s Official Portrait (JFK Library)


Former President Donald Trump promised in May 2023 to release classified materials on the 1963 assassination of President JFK in Dallas, Texas, if elected again in 2024. However, Trump also promised to do the same before he was elected to his first term. During his four years in office, Trump only released 2,800 documents related to the assassination, and he imposed a three-year deadline for the release on over 14,000 other classified files related to the assassination.

In his 2020 campaign for President, Joe Biden promised to release the JFK documents too. However, Biden recently reclassified some JFK assassination files as TOP SECRET and refused their release.




There have been many questions and official investigations into the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

In 1978, the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassination concluded: “It is PROBABLE that there was a conspiracy in the President’s assassination.”

On July 7, 2023, Jessie Brand conducted a fascinating interview with Tucker Carlson. Among other things discussed, Jessie asked Tucker this question:

“With all these supposedly “conspiracy theories” now coming out as TRUE, is there anything else that is still covered up that you think holds weight?

Tucker Carlson’s answered, “Yes. The John F. Kennedy assassination files. Biden has recently reclassified them as TOP SECRET.” 

Then Brand asked Tucker why he thought President Biden would do this, especially after sixty years, and all the participants in the murder and investigation are now DEAD.

Tucker Carlson’s response is startling to many (not me).

“The answer is obvious: Because it (the documents) implicates not individuals, but institutions, and reveals them as complicit in a murder, and in the overthrow of the U.S. government.”

Tucker goes on to explain:

“That’s the truth I I know that for a fact because I interviewed someone who saw the documents.”
Then Tucker gives the best philosophical reason why government “cover-ups” and “secrecy” harm democracies.

“Secrecy is incompatible with democracy. How can I (elect you) to run the government but you can’t tell me what the government’s doing? That’s not democracy. It’s something else and don’t insult me by calling it a democracy because it’s very much not.”

It seems U.S. government agencies were involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Sixty years after the assassination of his uncle, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is running for President. RFK, Jr. said publicly last month, “There is overwhelming evidence the CIA assassinated my uncle, President John F. Kennedy.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s father, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, was also assassinated as he ran for President in 1968.

New evidence also implicates governmnent agencies in the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968.

RFK Jr. Believes He Could Also Be a Target


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., running for the 2024 Democratic Nomination for President


Robert Kennedy, Jr. recently told Joe Rogan on a national broadcast,

“I am aware of the possiblity that I could be targeted by U.S. intellegence agencies, but I do not live in fear about it.”

I (Wade Burleson) have written about  Lee Harvey Oswald, the man the government says killed JFK but was himself killed in the basement of a Dallas Jail. Oswald’s only phone call after his arrest was to his U.S. intelligence agency handler.

Most Americans don’t know that the CIA employed Lee Oswald.




I know both ancient and modern history. The axiom “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” explains the rise and fall of governments throughout history.

A leader with corrupt character grasps for power. A leader with moral character will serve others.

Character is shaped by an understanding of accountability to one’s Creator.

Every human being, regardless of race, is created in the Imago Deo (the image of God) and has equal value in the eyes of God. The Creator has given to each man “certain unalienable rights.” That does not mean everyone has equal abilities or outcomes in life, but every U.S. citizen must have trust that their government will protect the “unalienable rights” that come from God.

Government should never take a citizen’s life. Government should never turn individual liberty into governmental tyranny.

It comes naturally for me to be kind to those who don’t like me (or despise me). I stand for faith in God and adherence to Natural Law, and I am grateful for God’s grace in my life. 

I can only be gracious to my enemies like God was gracious when I was His enemy.

Here are a few conclusions from this post, dedicated to my sage friend,  Rex Ray.

  • Government leaders in a representative democracy must be held accountable for their actions by “We the People.”
  • Government agencies embed agents with secret, undisclosed missions to create a dictatorial government ruled by tyranny.
  • People who dare to call out government agencies for their nefarious actions are courageous and should be heard.
  • Cover-ups of past lies are evidence of current lies. “Tell the truth and trust the people” should be the motto of every USA official.
  • The louder government officials, MSM, and others scream, “You’re a conspiracist; you’re a white supremacist; you’re a domestic terrorist,” the more you should look behind the name-calling and realize:

Pointing fingers and maliciously yelling about the character of one’s political opponents is projecting one’s personal guilt. 

That means those who yell “racist” the loudest are guilty of categorizing people by race. Those who cry “conspiracy theorists” the loudest are guilty of conspiring to create a country as they desire, not according to the Founding Father’s desires. Those who accuse others of “domestic terrorism” are the ones who quickly dox, intimidate, and attack those who disagree with them, the very definition of domestic terrorism

So, next time you are tempted to ridicule someone who questions: 1. Whether mailing out federal election ballots without proper voter identification leads to election integrity, or 2. Whether vaccine mandates of an untested long-term vaccine is beneficial to a country’s health, or 3. Whether opening borders without controlling the entry of illegal immigrants is lawful in maintaining the Rule of Law, or 4. Whether prosecutuarial malfeasance in U.S. courts and the weaponizing of the Department of Justice for select political opponents creates faith in the judicial system, or 5. Whether a government desires to take down an economy to remove a President or create a new currency to rid itself of awful debt, or 6. Whether people in power are part of a Jeffrey Epstein-like circle of elites who think they can have whatever their corrupt hearts desire, or 7. Whether embedding federal agents in crowds to incite violence for a political end, just one remember one person, one assassination, and one continuing cover-up….

President John F. Kennedy

Postscript: To read a remarkable (and free) first-hand account of the assassination of President JFK, I direct you to FORGIVE MY GRIEF, Part One, and to FORGIVE MY GRIEF, Part Two.