Istoria Ministries, 801 S. Van Buren, Enid, Oklahoma, 73703

This Sunday, December 17, 2023, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, Rachelle and I will host a Christmas Open House at Istoria Ministries, 801 S. Van Buren, Enid, Oklahoma.

The new hardcover coffee-table book, The 12 Days, authored by Rachelle and me and illustrated by Alice Isaac, can be purchased for a 20% discount during these two hours ($20.00 each). We’ll be happy to sign all the books you purchase as well.

If you’ve never seen the inside of Istoria Ministries and my office, this Sunday would be a great time to stop by and say hello. I am often out of town during the week, and for the past year, Rachelle has been traveling with me as we completed a couple of interim pastorates in eastern Oklahoma on the weekends.

The 12 Days of Christmas

The 12 Days, the Gospel story behind the classic song, The 12 Days of Christmas, by Wade and Rachelle Burleson, illustrated by Alice Isaac.

A few people don’t understand that The 12 Days BEGIN on Christmas Day!


Parents and grandparents used the 12 Days of Christmas, from Christmas Day to Epiphany (January 6), the traditional date of the Wise Men bowing before the Savior, to teach their children the Bible and the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Reason for the Season.

This unique book walks you through all 12 Days to teach the Gospel Story.

A Great Way to Share the Good News of Christmas

The One presents a 1000 drone Christmas Spectacular from Sky Elements in Enid, Oklahoma, on Dec. 13, 2023, next to the Christ Tree, the nation’s largest Christmas Tree.

Rachelle and I heard the story of our dear friend, Gwen Pethoud, who used The !2 Days to share the Gospel with an Asian woman doing her nails. Gwen is probably the greatest professional chef we’ve ever known and the former private chef for Rupert Murdoch, and though she’s used to being around “the rich and famous,” she is a Kingdom person who understands that true riches are found in Christ alone.

“I must be bolder in my witness for Christ,” Gwen thought as the manicurist worked on her hands.

Gwen struck up a conversation about Christmas. The woman didn’t know anything about the reason to celebrate Christmas (the coming of Christ), but she did know the song, The 12 Days of Christmas.

Gwen could share the Good News about Christmas through the song The 12 Days of Christmas from what she learned in the book The 12 Days.

I had a similar experience sharing Christ with a high school exchange student from Berlin, Germany. She knew the song but became quite emotional as she comprehended its meaning. Her “True Love” (God the Father) has given to her His Son (the Partridge) to die on a Cross (the Pear Tree) to pay the debt of sin for her (death), and give to her eternal life as well as all the great gifts associated with being a follower of Jesus (Days 2-12).

The Song

Enjoy children singing the song as it was meant to be sung, and come by Istoria Ministries THIS SUNDAY, December 17, 2023, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm to purchase The 12 Days at a 20% discount.