The violence, looting, and destruction in France, June 28 – July 1, 2023. This is a modern French Revolution


France is a secular state with a national identity of trust in government, not God.

The French Revolution of 1789 cannot be compared to the American Revolution of 1776.

The differences between the two are stark.

France sought a centralized secular government that gave rights to the populace. America sought a populace who understood that inalienable rights come from God, not the government.

In 1884, when Western nations met in Berlin to divide the continent of Africa among themselves, France took the secular concept of government to the 20 nations they established.

French officials sought to assimilate the African people into French secular thinking.

French troops murdered Africans who refused to assimilate in Algeria.

However, British colonialists sought association with Africans, not assimilation like the French.

The British believed in educating African children in the principles of Christianity, commerce, and civilization, while granting them the freedom to follow African customs, a freedom consistent with the Laws of Nature.

No wonder Muslims hate the French more than the British.

Unlike the French, the British supported the Africans in their colonies. The British understood the principles of John Locke (British philosopher) that a human being’s Natural Rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, come from God, not the government.

The British governments in African nations sought to associate with the African people, never to assimilate the African people into British customs.


Fast forward 150 years.


Illustration by Sam Whitney, New York Times


France has continued a secular mindset in classrooms, commerce, and the capital of Paris.

God is not needed among the French; the government’s power is sufficient.

French government policies include:

  • Taking citizens’ guns. Only the government soldiers and the French Mirage 2000 fighters with the American-built F-16s will support French freedom.

  • Opening the national borders. The French government is supreme, and the people of the world who come to France will find out how benevolent, powerful, and supreme the French government is.

  • No stated faith in God by the government or culture is needed. The French government is France’s god.The secular mindset of France has led to its 2023 fall.

Without an understanding that God reigns over the nations and that inalienable rights come from God and not the government, a rationalistic nation will teach that truth is subjective, not fixed.

A nation living by lies will become a nation dying by disorder.

America and Great Britain are rapidly moving toward national collapse. The only hope for America is that its citizens have kept their guns.


The godless who take life, liberty, and property from Americans are on the march.



America used to have a culture of character in Create a culture of in our classrooms, commerce, and Congress.

  • “In God we trust.”

During the 1960s, American culture began to turn to French secularism, Marxist atheism, and godless education.

America, like France, is on the road to collapse.

To solve the problem, we must instruct our children about the God of Nature and Nature’s Laws in America’s classrooms.