Dr. Vladimir Zelenko died on Thursday, June 30, 2022. The New York Times, Wikipedia, and mainstream media ridiculed this physician for two years (2020-2022). However, President Trump turned to Zelenko’s Z-Stack treatment when he got Covid-19, rocketing the doctor to fame.

Two months before his death, Dr. Zelenko conducted an interview with Dr. Drew Pinksky. I’ve transcribed the full interview here.

But in this post, I want to highlight one of the most profound things you’ll ever hear in any interview, and it comes from the wisdom of Dr. Zelenko.

Dr. Zelenko had been an enemy of mainstream media, national and global health agencies (WHO, CDC, FDA), and nation-states who effectively suppressed his early treatments of Covid-19 in fear of “vaccine hesitancy.”

When Dr. Drew asked Zelenko why the globalists needed everyone vaccinated, Dr. Zelenko said it had “nothing to do with effectively treating Covid-19.” Zelenko effectively treated his patients with Covid, but his Z-Pack treatment was outlawed. Zelenko said the motive for mass vaccination is the global push for embedded Digital/Biological Identity Documents in human bodies for the purpose of governance, individual control, and global health.

We pick up with the interview:


Dr. Zelenko: I want you to learn about someone whose name is Yuval Noah Harari. Yuval Noah Harari is one of the most dangerous people on the planet.

Dr. Drew: Is this the guy that wrote Sapiens?

Dr. Zelenko: Yeah. He is a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and he wrote a bunch of books.

Obama on CNN called him his favorite author. Harari has influence and is called The Prophet by Klaus Schwab, Zuckerberg, and Gates. And he speaks at the World Economic Forum every year. And just to give you some tidbits of what Yuval Harari says:

  1. Humans are hackable animals. And if you can hack into an animal, you could re-engineer that animal, but not with intelligent designs. Not with some God above the clouds (Intelligent Design) but by human intelligent design. 
  2. There’s no such thing as a soul. There’s no such thing as free will.
  3. We’re entering a new era. This COVID 19 crisis will be remembered as the transition to 24/7 surveillance through the implantation under your skin of biometric sensors.
  4. What previous tyrants and despots wanted to do (Nazis, Gestapo, etc), a few corporations and governments are now able to actualize.

And in the audience, you see Biden, Klaus Schwab, and all these degenerates, are clapping like this (Zelenko claps). I’ll send you all a copy of the video.

Dr. Drew: All right. Let’s step back from that and tell me why that is so. I’m trying to think of a good word. You use the word degenerate, but why? Why is it such a violation of your basic philosophical principles?

Dr. Zelenko: If you remember, whenever you were in college, especially in science classes, that give you a few axioms in the beginning, and they’ll say, “Well, on these principles we’re going to derive theories.” And they don’t really prove the axioms, but they use them as building blocks, and then the theories work, so we assume they’re true.

I’m going to give you a few axioms:

1. God exists.
2. He is good.
3. He makes us and is with us every instant in time.
4. So we’re never alone.
5. He gives us two unique gifts that are uniquely His, which are consciousness and free will.
6. We are given a finite number of years to live.
7. And during those finite number of years, we can choose to serve a Creator or not. We can also choose to connect with the Infinite and the Eternal through the choices that we make.

So being able to choose is a God’s gift that is not meant to be taken away by any other individual.

(Editor’s Note: Dr. Zelenko and Dr. Drew continue their discussion, then Dr. Zelenko points out how the axioms of a Creator and respect for His Creation, including the free will of human beings are being removed by nation-states and globalists).

Dr. Zelenko: Dostoyevsky and Nietzsche both predicted the carnage of the 20th century for the same reason. They saw during their lifetimes millennia of moral values built on experience and religious principles being thrown out. And then the attempt was made to replace those moral values with rationally derived human construct.

Dr. Drew: And yet in our lifetimes, I feel like we’ve seen two waves of humans stepping up and going, “Oh, we figured it out!” I remember in the 60s and 70s. “Everything that came before is meaningless. And we’ve now figured it out…”  In Russia, it came 100 years ago. The same kind of nonsense, which is, “We have now figured out the truth and everything that came before is adulterated and evil.” And on we go. And whenever I hear those, obviously I shudder … and we are in another wave of that thinking right now. 

Dr. Zelenko: What they call the New World Order is a rebranding of the oldest world order of idolatry, paganism, and child sex.

These aren’t evolved thinkers. These are devolved pagans. They worship themselves. And by the way, the most interesting thing: They don’t believe in God, and they don’t believe in an afterlife.

So they don’t want to die. They have a problem, though. We live in a body that has a limited lifespan. So, what they’re actively working on, if you listen to people like Ray Kurzweil and this Yuval Harari, they have actually spent the last 30 years working on a platform, a hybrid platform, of the inorganic and organic unstructured humanoid. With this humanoid with Artificial Intelligence (AI) you will be able to download human consciousness.

This is literally what they’re working on. And then, they think they have found eternal life. They believe that you can have a series of bodies forever. You can get a new model and just be downloaded into it.

(Editor’s Note: Dr. Zelenko and Dr. Drew continue their discussion. Dr. Zelenko then describes today’s world and issues his final challenge to us).

Dr. Zelenko: So, anything that has any type of Divine sanctity, whether marriage, gender, life itself (the slaughtering of the unborn in an indiscriminate way), we’ve normalized its rejection. We’ve normalized debauchery. I recently read there was a transvestite dressed in drag that came to read stories to children  – six-year-olds.

Now, listen, people can live any way they want. I don’t care. But when you begin to impose that type of choice on my children, when I have a different value structure, then that’s when the problem begins with me.

And so, in my opinion, this society has turned into what’s analogous to Sodom and Gomorrah.

We’ve normalized immorality into the law of the land, the very convenient way of saying, “God, we don’t want You. We have our own laws.”

But anyway, so I think that we’re being given a choice. And here is the choice. And you can’t sit this one out, you can’t sit on the fence. And if you don’t make a choice, you’re making a choice anyway:

Who do you believe in? Who do you trust? To whom do you bow down?

Do you bow down to your Creator in every instance of fear out of love and allegiance to Him? Do you ask Him for the fortitude to deal with the uncertainty and fear associated with living?

Or, do you let your fear lead you astray into a cultish co-dependency on sociopathic oligarchs and corrupt government?  


Rest in Peace, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (1973-2022). May your tribe on earth increase.