The ten-minute video below is the best explanation you’ll ever see of the madness in America’s cultural, educational, and governmental establishments.

Christopher Rufo is an articulate advocate for the restoration of sanity in our society. Christopher just released the video below, explaining in clear and understandable terms the insanity we’ve seen recently in America.

Mental illness has become weaponized against the normal, sane citizens of the United States.

Years ago, we used to treat people with mental illness. But now, those who scream accusations at others in emotional fits, manipulate their environment to create empathy, and abandon the family unit for the sake of self are presenting themselves as “normal” and “leaders” of this generation.

The fabric of American society is being ripped apart by people who wear their mental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual psychosis as a badge of honor and distinction rather than symptoms of severe sickness.

Leftism has normalized derangement, lies, and schizophrenia.

Watch. You’ll understand.