Keep reading if you are troubled in your ‘gut’ about the direction of the United States, but find it difficult to explain why.

You may intuitively know something is seriously wrong, but find the cause difficult to define or describe.

The problem is a push by powerful leaders and global billionaires to turn the world into an Open Society, and the United States stands in the way.

Author Matt Pulambo in his book The Man Behind the Curtain documents billionaire George Soros funding non-profits and non-government organizations (NGOs) to transform the United States (and the world) into an Open Society. Soros’ foundation is called the Open Society Foundation (OPS).

The distinctive borders, attributes, and documents (The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution) of the United States must disappear for the world to become a global OPEN SOCIETY.

Forbes Magazine has written of Soros’ efforts:

“Since 1987, Soros has published 14 books and a number of pieces in the New York Review of Books, New York Times and elsewhere. These texts make it clear that, like many on the centre-left who rose to prominence in the 1990s, Soros’s defining intellectual principle is his internationalism. For Soros, the goal of contemporary human existence is to establish a world defined not by sovereign states, but by a global community whose constituents understand that everyone shares an interest in freedom, equality and prosperity. In his opinion, the creation of such a global open society is the only way to ensure that humanity overcomes the existential challenges of climate change and nuclear proliferation.”

An Open Society is DIRE for the United States.

DDemocracy. The rule of the majority (democracy) is the standard for an Open Society. Whereas the Republic of the United States is based on the Rule of Law (The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution), if the majority of people want to kill babies in the womb (abortion), then it should be allowed. The United States of America’s Founding Fathers feared democracy. But for an Open Society to exist, the Republic must fall and democracy must be instituted. When you hear people say, “Save our Democracy!” what they are advocating is an Open Society.

I – Individuality. The father of Open Society philosophy was Karl Popper. To Popper, an Open Society depends on individualism, not collectivism. The needs, wants, and desires of the individual are paramount in an Open Society. In a closed collectivist society, people must share common, cultural values to maintain social harmony, get along with others, and meet social expectations. For example, on D-Day, collectivist Americans stormed Normandy sharing the common ideals and values of the United States. It would be difficult to imagine young people in an Open Society sharing such ideals (or storming enemy beaches in the name of Liberty).

R-Relativity. In an Open Society, there is no dogma (truth). What is the truth is simply what the individual perceives as truth. Therefore, any Divine truth or declared moral truth that is immutable (Natural Law) is the enemy of an Open Society. In the name of tolerance, all truth must be accepted. What a person declares as his truth is the truth. Therefore, 2 plus 2 may equal 5 in an Open Society, just as the declaration of a boy that he is a girl must be welcomed as truth. There is no room for “the truth” in an Open Society, only tolerance for others’ declaring “their truth.”

E-Equality. The Open Society Foundation states on its website, “Open Society-U.S. supports efforts to advance equality, fairness, and justice, with a focus on the most marginalized communities and the most significant threats to open society in the United States. Open Society-U.S. is committed to building a vibrant, inclusive, and more just society in the United States.” To advocates of an Open Society, equal outcomes are essential, not equal opportunity. If someone has less than others (the marginalized), then those with more (the privileged) must give to the marginalized.

An Open Society is DIRE. The United States of America is just the opposite of an Open Society.

The USA is a Republic, not a Democracy. The USA places the collective ideals above the individuals’ ideals. The USA believes in a Creator and His Laws of Nature, believing truth is immutable and eternal, not individual and relative. The USA is a place of equal opportunity, but never equal outcomes.

The USA is the biggest hindrance to an eventual globalocracy run by globalcrats.

I don’t believe the LORD will allow a true Open Society for the world to exist. I believe the Scriptures, and the Bible declares:

“God has made every nation … and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings” (Acts 17:24-27).

Like the Apostle Paul, I trust in the Creator who made the boundaries of all nations, and I will resist all attempts to implement an Open Society.