I’ve lived in Enid, Oklahoma, for over three decades. My wife and I have never known kinder, more gracious, and more generous people than the citizens who call western Oklahoma home. Enid is the metropolitan center of northwest Oklahoma.

Citizens of Enid need to understand that our city is under attack by Marxists.

That’s right. Marxists have targeted our city.

I’m asking the good people of Enid, the Constitution-loving, capitalistic, Christian citizens of Enid, to resist these Marxists with all your might.

The battle is yours. It’s an attack on your family, your business, and your city.




Marxism seeks a conflict between social classes. Marxists mock, ridicule, and attack those they call bourgeoisie – a French word that refers to “a class of people who own most of the wealth.” Marxists are disciples of Karl Marx and not Jesus. They often curse at others and use violence against those they call “people of privilege.”

According to the official website of Marxism in the United States, Marxists want a REVOLUTION. Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, George Floyd’s death, and national events since 2020 have lit the flame of the MARXIST REVOLUTION in the UNITED STATES. In Marxists’ own words, the forthcoming revolution in the United States will require:

  • The removal and redrafting of the United States Constitution.
  • A law banning ownership of private property or businesses, the tools of the bourgeoisie (and the foundation of capitalism).
  • The outlawing of faith in God which Karl Marx called “the opiate of the masses.”
  • All this must be done to make the poor, the outcast, and the neglected EQUAL to everyone else.
  • And, unlike the 1920s, the outcast of the 2020s are the lesbians, gays, bisexuals, queers, transgenders, and other sexual minorities.

In this modern Marxist revolution, the LGBQT+ confused people must be made to take equal footing with constitutional Christian capitalists by force if necessary. The LGBQT+ class of people has been “neglected and harmed” by the “cultural supremacists,”  so the American bourgeoisie must be taken down to exalt the LGBQT+ agenda of equality for all.

Here’s the irony.

True followers of Jesus Christ love those who are broken and hurting. Christians at heart show love, concern, and generosity to the least, the littlest, and the lost in society.

Because of our soft hearts, we followers of Jesus are gullible to the message of Marxists.

What Marxists say sounds “Christian.” But it is inherently evil at heart, set on fire from the dark recesses of rebellion toward God Himself.

Marxists in the United States want a REVOLUTION.

Marxists coming to Enid want to destroy the City Commission, the Library Board, and our city’s capitalistic industry. It’s time to take a stand. It’s time to resist the revolution.



The Marxist-Lesbian President of the American Library Association (ALA)

Emily Debranski is the President-Elect of the American Library Association.

She will take office as the new President of the ALA this April (2023).

Emily is an avowed Marxist. When she was elected President-elect, she tweeted (April 13, 2022):

“I just cannot believe that a Marxist lesbian … is the president-elect of @ALALibrary.”

Emily, neither can I  believe it. Nor can others.

The good people of Enid, Oklahoma, especially those who run our City Commission and Enid Library Board, should soon disaffiliate from the American Library Association. We do not want an avowed Marxist training our librarians how to pull children into private chat rooms to turn them against their parents.

Under ALA leadership,  Marxist principles and training have infiltrated Enid’s City Library.

I’ve read Emily’s scholarly works. I read her journals on Google Scholar, JSTOR, and other academic sites. I don’t take the word of others regarding the Marxist/Lesbian President of the ALA. I have read her writings for myself.


Emily Teaches Librarians How To “QUEER THE (LIBRARY) CATALOGUE”



Emily Wishes to Protect Minors from Their Bigoted Parents

The incredible, immoral, and arguably illegal activities of the Enid City Library, pulling minor children into chat rooms and discussions with library staff, intentionally keeping unknowing parents from discovering what was discussed in those chat rooms, should not be a surprise to Enid citizens.

The Enid and Garfield County Library is only doing what the Marxist Lesbian ALA President is training librarians to do.

But the citizens of Enid will not stand for this Marxist takeover of our community library, our city commission, and our community.

The Enid Library Board must disaffiliate from the American Library Association and terminate any employee that has approved of or participated in interacting with minor children about LGBTQ+ issues without parental knowledge and consent. The Library Staff works for the citizens of Enid. We pay their salary


The Marxist on the Constitution, Capitalism, and Christianity


Atlanta Police Station Attacked by Marxists on March 6, 3023

Thirty-five Marxists were arrested yesterday after violently attacking a new police training center being built in Atlanta.

Only two of those arrested were from Georgia. 

The city commission of Enid always meets to discuss city business. Recently, Marxists, some from Enid and some from outside of town, have descended on our city commission meetings to seek to prevent the installation of a duly elected City Commissioner and to attempt to remove Enid’s stellar Libary Board.

The Marxists have falsely called our Library Board and Judd  Blevins (the elected city commissioner) everything from “white supremacists”  to “racists” to “Nazis”

That name-calling is ridiculous.

The Enid and Garfield County Libary has the best Library Board in the nation (Joseph Fletcher, Brent Price, Christina Hopper, Ruth Ann Miles, Suzie Hinkle, etc…). They are Christian people who love our community and only seek to protect our children from the influence of Marxist philosophy.

Judd Blevins is also a Christian. Judd believes in the equality of all races. Calling this man who picks up black, brown, white, and all other kinds of kids to take them to church on Sunday morning a “white supremacist” is offensive to his pastor (Church of the Open Door), his family, his friends, and those who do business with him in our community.

Judd DOES believe in superiority. He believes in the superiority of the Constitution, capitalism, Western civilization, and Christianity. He does not believe in the superiority of the white race.

That’s why Marxists hate Judd Blevins. That’s why Marxists hate the Enid Library Board.

They want to convince you that Enid has a race problem.

No. Enid has a moral problem and a Marxist problem. 

Jesus didn’t host drag shows. He told the immoral to repent.

The good citizens of Enid, Oklahoma, will always be kind, courteous, and gracious.

But we will never bend to Marxist tactics. We will not back down to Marxist philosophy.

We will go toe-to-toe with Marxists who wish to destroy our Constitution,  take down our community businesses and civic capitalism, remove our city leaders, denigrate our country’s exceptionalism, and mock true Christianity.

This is our town.

And we will win this existential fight.

Keep the faith, Enid City Commission.

Keep the faith, Library Board.

Keep the faith Judd Blevins.

We’ve got your back.