“The great street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.” (Revelation 21:21)

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch.


This Thursday, November 9, 2023, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch an imaging satellite into orbit of the Earth

Called the Genmat-1, the high-precision spectral imaging satellite will orbit 500 km (311 miles) above the surface of the Earth and make a trip around the planet every 90 minutes.

The Genmat-1 will be able to identify abundant areas of resources and mineralization zones in previously underutilized locations through spectral imaging.

With this satellite’s spectral imaging, companies can see gold, silver, and precious minerals underground without using high-priced exploratory excavation and tunnel digging.

COMSTOCK Inc (LODE) has a 30% stake in the mineral imaging services Quantum Generative Materials (GenMat) will be commercializing to the mining sector.

I listened to the corporate presentation of COMSTOCK Inc. at the New Orlean Investment Conference last week.

It was there that I met Deep Prasad, the CEO of Quantum Generative Materials (GenMat).

The conversation I had with Deep was deep (pardon the pun). I asked him three questions, which he graciously answered. I will simplify and summarize our conversation.

What you read below will blow your mind.


The Deep Conversation

Deep Prasad, Founder and CEO of GenMat

Deep is a mechanical engineer who has built a team of scientists and futurists who use what they call Artificial General Physics Intelligence (AGPI) to simulate Earth’s natural materials in a laboratory.

Deep calls GenMat’s proprietary AGPI system ZENO (read the press release here).

Now that you are cross-eyed reading the above, here’s my summary.

Deep’s team uses generative Artificial General Physics Intelligence (AGPI) to replicate Earth’s natural minerals and resources in the laboratory at a much faster rate than Nature.


Artificial General Physics Intelligence (AGPI) at the nano level.


ZENO maps the chemical and electrical processes of Earth’s essential elements reacting with each other to create materials. AGPI will replicate the reaction in a laboratory at the nano level at a much faster rate than Nature does.

For example, Deep and his company GenMat believe they’ve already created natural gas in a test tube. The difficulty ahead will be scaling the discovery into cheap energy.

If Deep and GenMat are successful, energy will become cheap and abundant. Gold, silver, and rare minerals will also be abundant. Mining, drilling, and excavating will no longer be needed.

Sound crazy? Sound fantastical?

In the beginning, science often disguises itself as science fiction.

Because of my interest in precious metals, my conversation with Deep revolved around GenMat’s proprietary AI technology and AU (gold).


NEWTON and Alchemy

A rendition of Isaac Newton by Lukas Kutschera


Few people know that the great scientist and mathemetician Isaac Newton (1642-1727) spent a lifetime seeking to turn base metals into gold.

Alchemists like Newton received much criticism for their beliefs.

One biographer called Newton the Last Sorcerer.

But Newton understood science. He recognized that the natural processes of the Earth could be replicated by science.

Newton may have been born about three centuries too early.

Deep Prasad, surrounded by futurists and scientists at GenMat, is now using Artificial General Physics Intelligence (AGPI) to attempt to replicate Nature’s creation of minerals and resources.

Newton’s alchemy of yesterday is the artificial general physics intelligence of today.


What’s the Big Deal?

Streets made of gold?


In the future, it could be possible that gold is so abundant streets are paved with it.

In the future, clean natural gas could be so abundant nations won’t need a war to obtain natural resources.

In the future, as Elon Musk said last week: “There will come a point where no job is needed – you can have a job if you want to for personal satisfaction. AI can do everything. The future will be in an age of abundance. We won’t be on universal basic income; we will be on universal high income. One of the challenges in the future will be: How do we find meaning in life?”

Both Deep Prasad and Elon Musk desire to help humanity. But they both seem to miss the answer to “What is the meaning of life?”

The Westminster Shorter Catechism answers that question this way:

“Our primary purpose is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.”

I find it ironic that the Bible tells us the eternal home of those who enjoy God will have streets “paved with gold” (Revelation 21:21).

Artificial Intelligence may help create streets of gold in the future, but for the here and now, the Almighty Intelligence desires you to glorify and enjoy Him.