August Landmesser refused to salute

During the 1930s and 1940s, German citizens were persuaded by their government, the German National Socialist Workers Party (NAZI), that Jews were parasites (bugs) that needed “exterminated” in order for the German state to thrive.

German citizens – that means the average church-going, hard-working German citizen – went along with the policies of the German elite and powerful. The common people became convinced that Germany would be “better off” if the Jews were gone.

I’ve often questioned how an entire culture can go along with the murder of SIX MILLION Jews in gas chambers and concentration camps.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Online Encylopedia gives us the answer.

  1. The Nazis were in near-total control of public space.
  2. Government censorship prevented dissenting voices from being heard.
  3. Few Germans had the courage to speak out publicly against the persecution of Jews.
  4. They were aware of the risk that outspoken dissidents faced in a police state where politics had become weaponized.
  5. Opponents of the regime could be arbitrarily arrested and imprisoned in concentration camps without trial.
  6. Pressures to defer to authority and obey laws and decrees were present even without the added intimidation by Nazi activists.
  7. Many people wanted to protect their jobs or advance their careers.
  8. Others did not want to “swim against the tide” by failing to conform to Nazi racist norms.
  9. Therefore, most Germans cut off relations with Jewish friends and neighbors, in public if not in private.
  10. Soon, the policies of the German National Socialist Workers Party (NAZI) became culturally accepted.

But there was one guy who said “No” to the NAZI policy of propaganda that a Jew was really a bug to be exterminated.

August Landmesser

His name was August Landmesser.

He was a shipworker in Hamburg, Germany. In 1931, hoping it would help him get employment, August joined the Nazi Party.

But in 1935, August became engaged to Irma Eckler (a Jewish woman).

The Nazis expelled  August from the party.

August and Irma were registered to be married in Hamburg, but the Nuremberg Laws enacted by the Nazi Party a month before the wedding prevented their formal union.

On 29 October 1935, Landmesser and Eckler’s first daughter, Ingrid, was born to them out of wedlock.

The photo at the top of this page is August Landmesser defiantly refusing to give the Nazi salute at the shipyard where he worked in Hamburg, Germany.

He was the only man refusing the Nazi salute.

Eventually arrested by the Nazis, August Landmesser died in a penal colony during World War II.

It takes courage and strength to stand against the accepted lies of culture.

Fast-forward to the United States in 2022. The Biden Administration has threatened to pull federal funding, fire workers, and otherwise intimidate any school, business, or person who refuses to comply with the propaganda that gender is subjective and personal, not objective and biological. 

According to the U.S. government, what gender you are isn’t defined or constrained by your body. Gender is defined by your internal kind of subjective view of your gender. In other words, truth is not objective. Truth is how you feel, even if what you feel is a lie.

According to the deceptive “gender ideology” being perpetrated by the elite in education and the powerful in U.S. politics, the reality of male and female as a given biological fact must be replaced in our country’s education, social, medical, and political systems by an entirely internal and subjective feeling of gender identity.

If a boy says he’s a girl or a girl feels she’s a boy, then we must believe it, says the U.S. government. Society must affirm the biological lie and conform to government mandates that force recognition of a boy as a girl and a girl as a boy. If you refuse, the government will make you pay.

It’s the 1930s and 1940s all over again.

The way Nazi Germany obtained control of the German populace is the exact same way Socialist Democrats are gaining control of the American culture. If all you are thinking about when you go to the voting booth is the potential loss of federal lunch money or federal dollars for your school, city, or business, then you are no better than the German citizens of the 1930s and 1940s.

A Jew isn’t a bug to be exterminated and a boy isn’t a girl to be mutilated, no matter what the government says. 

It takes courage to stand up to such powerful intimidation. There is a high cost of standing for truth and against propaganda.

I stand with August Landmesser.

Even if I’m the last man standing or the only man standing.

I’ll keep standing.