Oxford, England, February 18, 2023

Thousands of people gathered in the streets of Oxford, England, on Saturday, February 18, 2023, to protest their city commission. The commissioners adopted a proposal to turn Oxford into a 15-Minute City.

15-Minute Cities began as a concept at the World Economic Conference (WEF) meetings in Davos, Switzerland. The elite who gathered at this year’s 2023 World Economic Forum urged all western governments to multiply the number of 15-Minute Cities.

The Davos Men further urged governments to enforce citizen compliance with the specific laws of 15-Minute Cities.

The city commission of Oxford decided to implement the 15-Minute City plan this month. The people of  Oxford, England, went to the streets to protest.

You should be paying attention before the same tragedy happens in your city.


What Are 15-Minute Cities?


15-Minute Cities are local municipalities where citizens can only travel in a 15-minute area or be fined by the government for traveling without permission from authorities. First proposed by the World Economic Forum as part of their plan to “save the environment” from harmful carbon as part of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, 15-Minute Cities have exploded in number. Governments use specialized car tags and facial recognition technology to ensure that nobody drives outside their 15-Minute City without government permission.

Violators risk fines and imprisonment.

The WEF believes that during the next pandemic, 15-Minute Cities can be used to track the unvaccinated and others who leave their homes with the potential of spreading disease like a parasite.

The City Commission of Oxford, England, voted to turn their city into a 15-Minute City last week. Thousands of people gathered in the streets of Oxford on Saturday to protest the loss of their autonomy.


ANTIFA Shouts ‘NAZIS!’ at Protestors of 15-Minute Cities


Antifa, the radical, left-wing communist thugs who burned the cities of America in 2019, came to Oxford to heckle the protestors of 15-Minute Cities.

Why do out-of-town paid protestors come to a city where they don’t live to heckle citizens of that city?

Because Antifa is a Marxist organization that wishes to take down Western Civilization.

Antifa called the Oxford protestors NAZI’S, WHITE SUPREMACISTS, and FASCISTS as they covered their faces and yelled slurs, curse words, and vulgar epithets at the citizens of Oxford concerned with the loss of their individual autonomy and the rise of government tyranny.

In cities worldwide, men and women who fight for liberty and against tyranny are called “White Supremacists” and “NAZIS” by Antifa.


The WEF Puts Out WOKE Videos

Of course, the World Economic Forum promotes 15-Minute Cities as something that will “save the environment,” will make cities “more friendly to walkers and bikers,” and are cities that benefit the entire world!

The video below explains 15-Minute Cities from the World Economic Forum’s perspective. The young college girl acts as if these cities are harmless, and opposition to 15-Minute Cities is ignorance.

This young woman represents the product of modern, liberal education. Individual liberty is in trouble. Government tyranny is deemed normal by the WOKE.


Local Government Is Far More Critical 

The citizens of Oxford now realize that their city council is responsible for adopting the 15-Minute City protocols for Oxford. They ask themselves how they could have been asleep at the wheel and allowed leftists to represent them on the city commission.

Your city mayor, city commission, local sheriff, local boards, local paper, and local law enforcement are much more critical government officials in the day of impending government control. Next up are your state officials, and then last, your national leaders.

Don’t let your city become a 15-Minute City.

Having government officials take your liberty to individually DECIDE to walk, bike, or drive as little or as much, as short or as far, as often or not at all, is a huge problem.

When elites who run your government think they know what’s best for you and demand you conform, they’ve sacrificed your autonomy at the altar of government tyranny.

When the elite think they’re smarter, freedom is something they barter.